The PLAY  Space at Evesham Adventure Playground  is an open access
play provision for children over 8 years old or those younger children accompanied by their families that has
  • a varied and interesting physical environment
  • access to the natural elements - earth, water, fire, air
  • opportunities to manipulate natural and fabricated materials
  • opportunities for movement
  • stimulation for the five senses
  • opportunities for social interaction
  • Access and inclusion as its core values
The PLAY Space  is FREE and open:

 Monday to Friday from  4.00pm -5.30pm  after school
 Monday to Friday from 10.00am 4.30pm during school holidays
The opportunity to be able to access a rich play environment, and assess and take risks, is paramount for the healthy development of all children, physically, mentally, emotionally, socially and creatively.
Sadly, and increasingly, children are unable or not allowed to go out to play, and engage freely in play activities that a generation ago would have been taken for granted.

Play SPACE needs to be supported with :

  • funding                  to provide workers to supervise the site
  • materials               to develop the programmes and activities
  • volunteers             to help with programmes

Open Access play is a priority at Evesham Adventure Playground.  All our other services support this free play facilities.

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