Holiday hunger is a real problem for families who normally receive free school meals. Providing those extra meals during school holidays can be a real struggle for many families.  At this time, social security changes are reducing income, unemployment remains high and there are major cuts to youth work and holiday provision.  So there is real concern that some families will struggle to meet the costs of feeding their children during the holidays.


There are approximately 170 non-school days a year where children cannot access Free School Meals, putting a lot of financial pressure on families that rely on this. Many families also suffer with social isolation during the school holidays, as they cannot afford to do activities, take their children on days out, or invite their friends over, meaning children end up spending most of their holiday indoors.

The ‘Hunger and Isolation’ report by Kellogg’s in July 2015 found that a third of parents have skipped a meal so that their children could eat during the school holidays. They also found that 41% of parents on low incomes have felt isolated in the school holidays because they cannot afford to go out and entertain their children.

Our Solution- ‘ Pie and a Play’

We provide FREE healthy meals to all those who come to our playschemes throughoutthe year.

Our playschemes give children and families the chance to have fun with each other, make new friends and develop socially, while recognising that they are not the only family finding it difficult during the holidays. These playschemes not only help to alleviate hunger, but also help to reduce feelings of isolation,
raise children’s aspirations and reduce the stress felt by working parents on
limited budgets.

We work closely with a large local supermarket, wholesalers, farmers and grocers from whom we collect edible food destined for landfill. Since August 2016 we have diverted 7,812 kilos of food and turned this into meals to feed over 3,500 people.

You can’t sell waste food, which is why we developed the’ Pie and a Play’ concept- feeding everyone who comes to the playground for free each day, with those who can, making a donation towards their meal.

We also run alongside, a family food bank,-allowing parents to access healthy food daily. 

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